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5 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

Welcome back to Color Renovation! We are the Cleveland-area’s best solution to all things residential painting and we’re here for you! Serving areas such as Westlake and Shaker Heights, OH, our professional painters would love nothing more than to help you with your big home painting project. We can assist you so that your painting job doesn’t have to feel like a nightmare. No one should have to tackle a home painting project on their own and Color Renovation is here to help. Whether you need an interior room painted, your entire interior done, or you’re looking for help with your home’s exterior, Color Renovation are your Westlake team of pro painters. Check out our website to learn about our services, check out our testimonials, take a look at our service areas, and to reach out to us. Contact us today for a free estimate!


Everyone knows that painting on your own — especially when you don’t have the experience and expertise — can be extremely daunting. Not only do you have to do all of the planning, forethought, and strategizing on your own, you’re also responsible for the exhausting process of completing the job solo, and making your space appear as good as new when all is said and done. That is so much easier said than done.

Though many people might think that they’re saving money when the opt out of calling the professional painters of Westlake, this decision can actually end up costing them so much more in the long run. When you consider the cost of your own labor and time, the price that you’ll pay if you mess up, and the frustration that you’ll definitely run into if attempting it alone, it’s no wonder that professional painters are the way to go. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at all of the reasons why it just makes sense to hire a professional team of home painters here in Westlake. Continue reading to learn more!



Let’s face it, when you attempt to paint your own home, unless you’ve been a professional painter in the past, you probably have no clue what you’re doing. Getting professional results from a paint job includes so much more than slapping a color onto the wall from a can that you bought from Walmart. Professional-grade painting comes with prepping the wall beforehand, expertly applying the primer, meticulously adding paint, and finishing up by making a space look new. If you try to attempt your paint job alone, you’ll probably end up spending so much time on it, and since time is money, you’re better off hiring our Cleveland professional team of painting pros at Color Renovation.


As we mentioned above, hiring professional painters will yield professional results; doing the job yourself or asking a family member or friend to help will, most likely, give you a less-than-professional product. Your Westlake painters can come to your home, assess the job, and give you interior or exterior painting results that you can be proud of. Why risk messing up your walls or dribbling on the floor? Choose Color Renovation so that you can be happy with your professional results!


As we’ve already stated, trying to paint your home on your own can be exhausting and time-consuming. But did you know that it can also cost you more than those pro painters would have? Many people who attempt painting their home on their own find that they either choose the wrong color, they make a huge mess, or they forget an important step in the process. Either one of these mishaps can lead to the necessity of either repainting or spending more money in an attempt to fix the problem. Save yourself from needing to pay for one project multiple times — hire Color Renovation for your Westlake painting project.


When you paint your home or you hire another amateur to tackle the project, you can’t really guarantee any results. You have results that you’re hoping for and you have your expectations, however, you have no guarantees. When you hire a professional painting team here in Cleveland, you’ll be amazed at what you can expect. You can expect to be completely satisfied with the job that we do and you can expect that we’ll make it right if you’re not. Don’t settle for anything less than a professional team for your interior painting job or exterior paint project.


No one wants to have a team of strangers — professionals or not — in their home for weeks on end. If you hire a friend or family member to do your painting and they bring a few friends along, you are, most likely, dealing with long-term guests because this makeshift painting team is not as efficient as your professional painters at Color Renovation. Don’t worry about needing to babysit your painters for weeks, choose the professionals so that they’ll finish fast and leave you with amazing results.


No matter what kind of painting you need to have done at your Westlake home, you can’t go wrong when you reach out to Color Renovation! Let us come in and help you transform your space. We’d love to offer you color consultation, exterior painting, interior painting, vinyl siding refinishing, exterior staining, and so much more! Contact us today for a free estimate.