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Q & A on Cabinet Refinishing

Many homes built in the 70’s-90’s were finished with natural wood finish doors, and the natural wood look has become “old hat” for many of those homeowners. We recently had a booth at the Great Big Home and Garden Show at the I-X Center, and nearly 75% of those coming to our booth were interested in having their cabinets refinished. Cabinet refinishing is a great alternative to replacing your cabinets…It will save you time and money – if done correctly. (Emphasis on the word IF). Here are a number of the questions we get asked about cabinet refinishing:

“What is cabinet refinishing, exactly?”

– Cabinet refinishing is putting a new “finish” on your cabinets, which in our case is a sprayed paint finish.

“Do you re-stain cabinets?”

– We do not re-stain cabinets. There are some companies that offer a “stain-over-stain process, where they simply spray a new stain over top of the old stain and varnish. The finish may look nice at first, but it won’t last. Stains are designed to penetrate into the wood, which won’t happen unless you completely strip the old stain and varnish off. Completely stripping the old stain and varnish takes a significant amount of time – and at that point, it’s cheaper to replace them.

“Is cabinet refinishing a DIY friendly project?”

– a DIY cabinet refinishing project can be done, but there are many steps that have to be done correctly to avoid peeling and chipping – and if you don’t want them to look like a DIY project, you’ll need a quality sprayer, such as an airless, air-assisted, or HVLP sprayer. (and be comfortable operating one.)

“Will the wood grain on my oak cabinets show when they’re painted?”

– Yes, the wood grain will show. The color will be even, but the texture from the oak will remain. However, we’ve refinished many oak cabinets, and they look great. If you don’t want the wood grain to show through, your best option would likely be replacing them.

“What’s the process?

– A proper cabinet refinishing job requires two components: Thorough preparation and the right paint products. You can’t skimp on either of those. If you don’t properly de-grease, sand, and clean your cabinets, the paint won’t stick. And if you properly prep your cabinets, but use retail quality primers and paints, the paint won’t last. Proper preparation involves de-greasing, sanding, and cleaning. We then use the best primers on the market. The primer is as important (if not more important) than the finish coat. The best finish coat in the world won’t last if it’s resting on an inferior primer. We then apply two coats of top of the line paint that cures quickly to a rock hard finish.

“Do you offer a warranty?”

– Most cabinet refinishing jobs come with a written 4 year warranty. The only exception is previously painted or refinished jobs.

“Do you have references?”

– Yes, we have numerous references. We will provide them at the time of estimate.

“How do I schedule an estimate?”

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