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The Value of a Fresh Coat of Paint

As homeowners, we’ve probably all, at some point, gotten bored with our Westlake home’s aesthetic. Perhaps you’ve been looking at the same olive green kitchen wall for years and it’s never really grown on you. Or maybe you spend your mornings getting ready in a Pepto-pink bathroom. You didn’t choose those colors, they chose you when you bought the house, and for whatever reason, you haven’t been proactive enough to change them. Well, this might be the time. Color Renovation can help you with that!

Changing up the look and feel of your home might be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Paint can give a room character, brighten it up, modernize it, and make your entire house feel new. Whether you want to paint a couple rooms, the whole interior, or the interior and exterior, there are some fantastic options to consider. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss what paint can do for your Westlake home.


Adding a new coat of paint can do wonders to a drab room. If you have a room with few windows and/or dark walls, paint can lighten things up. Did you know that light actually reflects off your light-colored walls? For this reason, light-colored rooms are brighter than those with dark walls even with the same amount of windows. Lighter colors are great choices for rooms that need extra light.


Those of us who emerged from the era of paisley wallpaper patterns and bright orange walls understand the need for modernizing the paint. The addition of the right paint color or color combinations can immediately take your walls from old-looking and outdated to modern and trendy. Whether that means an accent wall that creates dimension, or a trendy color that offsets your floors or countertops. Choose Color Renovation to help with your modernizing.


Homeowners understand the toll that the craziness of life can take on our walls. Especially if your house has been home to kids or pets, paint that is in walls of high-traffic areas can start to become worn. Paint can start to look discolored or chipped and paint that is exposed to consistent sunlight can start to fade. And though the thought of your paint getting older is a part of life, it doesn’t have to be permanent. Our professional painters can help your walls look new!



Some of us love the idea of paint adding character to a room; we love the idea of a simple coat of paint creating a unique and modern aesthetic. This concept is especially well-loved for those who want to create rooms for kids or rooms with themes. Paint can give your princess the room she’s been begging you for, give your son the jungle theme that he’s been talking about, or give your teenager the travel theme that will allow them to have an individualized room. If you need fantastic ways to create character in your home, consider paint!

Whatever your paint needs may be, there is always a variety of ideas available to help you create the very look you’re going for. Whether you want to brighten things up, make an accent wall, modernize your space, help your home look new, or add character to a drab room, paint can work wonders. Do yourself a favor and call a professional painting company for a free quote.

If you’re looking for professionals to complete a paint job in your home, contact our Westlake professional painters at Color Renovation!